TimesGrad is a revolutionary marketplace in the EdTech industry where it connects the best of industry experts and corporate professionals with the learners. It is designed to improve the students’ educational outcomes through interactive projection screens, online content delivery and practical coaching.

The learners range from a variety of domains, including the college communities, universities, working-class professionals, start-ups, business communities, and entrepreneurs.

TimesGrad shows a promise as a method of customizing a curriculum for a student’s ability level by introducing and reinforcing new content at a pace the student can handle.

Our solution-based approach helps extend a unique place for finding an agglomeration of courses on the same platform. We scrutinize, identify and address the prospect’s unique needs by providing a set of courses that help them achieve their business and professional goals.

Moreover, we present various content marketing opportunities for business owners, academic communities and entrepreneurs. Whether your intention is to acquire new audiences or just get noticed, content curation through TimesGrad is your best bet.


Empowering people to enhance their knowledge.


Connect and collaborate to discover, learn, utilize and share.

Portal Features & Resources

Student Accessibility

It’s an easy to access website with a smart UI/UX interface

Extensive Learning

Gain in-depth insights from the best of industry experts

Technical Assistance

Get in touch for any kind of help or support

Edtech Marketplace

An epicentre for students, academic communities, universities and entrepreneurs to actualize their set goals.

High Efficiency

Access the library of courses, anytime, anywhere.

Mentor Registration

Applicants will be evaluated based on pre-defined parameters

Analytics Dashboard

A resourceful tool for mentors to track their performance

Technical Assistance

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The Times Grad Way

Use of Credible Sources

We ensure that content is from trusted and certified sources. The information gathered is scrutinized thoroughly and the topics selected are relevant to business professionals who seek professional insights.

Optimizing Searches for Effectiveness

We enhance and optimize the mentors content for visibility. Use of proper search engine optimization techniques helps us to reach out to the right audience.


We provide information on one centralized location. This streamlining of content makes it easier to process information by reducing the overall time and effort spent searching for details on the internet.


Customized Searches

We have a library of courses with filtering options to help the users determine and opt for the most desirable educational programme.

Extensive Reach

We reach a higher number of users by capitalizing on our simplified interface, breadth of information and valuable insights offered.

Information ownership

We have a better understanding of user patterns, purchase behaviours and trends due to our extensive reach. This helps us to reach out to a niche target, depending on the mentors
area of interests.